About Me
I started off with an Engineering degree, but I've not limited myself solely to that!

I've worked in a great deal of fields, ranging from software engineering and telecoms to marketing and training. I believe I have a talent for bringing together people across wildly different backgrounds to enable them to understand, communicate and work together effectively

I'm mostly engaging with small to medium businesses, trying to give them the leg up to grow and compete in an ever-more technologically complex world. I'm excited to guide companies in a simple, plain-spoken way about their IT choices. I aim to show how their work can be genuinely aided by technology rather than seeing it as a necessary evil.

Right now I'm especially excited about bringing Zendesk software to small businesses because I've seen how well it can work to transform their relationship with their customers as well as giving them hard details as to how their businesses actually function on a day-to-day basis.

I won't bore you with all the details, but here's A Brief Note on

Industries and Roles I've Worked In

Starting with mobile phone infrastructure working at Ericsson I've also dabbled in mobile phone subscription services and worked at a specialised B2B ISP.
Whether it's a simple sales letter, a brochure or a whole campaign, I've always ended up drawn back into this more creative side of myself. I've both worked for agencies and for others as a one-man department.
It was for a long time my full-time career. A lot of low level C++ programming. The video games industry especially needed high-performance bug free code with a very quick turnaround.
Some say that Engineering is Design but with much stricter penalties for failure! Others view it more of an art. Either way, I've worked alongside enough designers of all types to be able to hold my own and push back where necessary.
Technical Writing
Often, when you're the one creating the technical marvel you're also the only one to understand it! So writing detailed and foolproof manuals for people who are going to operate it (potentially long after you're gone) becomes absolutely essential.
You never forget your first cold-calling role, and the first time you had to stand up at a projector to legitimately sell something. Especially when it's to a highly sceptical audience who might not want to even be there. When you pull it off though...