So What's Zendesk?
In a nutshell

Zendesk - Streamlined, Universal Customer Relations

Tickets never get lost or forgotten about. Nobody falls between the cracks.

Issues all get taken care of promptly.

Gives your staff the freedom to work from home, or remotely in any part of the world.
Powerful Analytics tools allow you to glean in-depth statistics about how your business works with its customers.

When are your busy hours?

Who are your best customers?

Who are your best staff and who maybe needs a little help or supervision?

How much time is your business spending and on what?

Are there certain issues your business struggles with resolving?
Zendesk has been called many things: a Ticketing System, a Customer Relations Management (CRM)System, a Customer Engagement Platform.

Zendesk is the next level of customer engagement. A one-stop system for all of your customer interaction.

However customers reach out: Email, phone, messenger, chat. Zendesk integrates it all!


- Allows you to see all of the customer's relevant information at a glance.

- Allows you to see all of their previous interactions with you, regardless of the channel they used to communicate with you.

- Allows you to route their query to the right person for the job.

- Allows staff to have conversations about the customer conversation, which are invisible to the customer, allowing more experienced staff to guide juniors.
Zendesk lets you spend less time solving duplicate issues and automates the trivial stuff.

It lets your customers get the solutions they need often without having to interact with your staff at all!

It lets your staff help and train each other.

It's simply a better means to uplift and streamline all of your interactions with customers!

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